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With its historical city centre, housing palaces, churches and other ancient buildings it is a pleasure to visit The Hague. Also with the many swinging and cultural events it is a worthwhile city to visit any time of the year. There is the coast, on a stone's throw from the centre. The wide beach and the vast North Sea invite you to sunbathe or take an invigorating walk. In short, in The Hague you can enjoy yourself in many different ways. Of course these attractions can also become part of the optional program that will be offered during to half-day specials.

Tourist attractions in The Hague

Miniature city Madurodam
In Miniature city Madurodam you will see the canal houses of Amsterdam, the Alkmaar cheese market or parts of the Deltaworks, all replicated in minute detail on a 1:25 scale. Windmills turn, ships sail and modern trains are traversing the city on the world's largest miniature railway.
The Peace Palace, a gift from the American Andrew Carnegie, houses the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the International Court of Justice, the Hague Academy of International Law and a library of books on international law.

The Gemeentemuseum
The Gemeentemuseum reveals the remarkable qualities of the latest creation of architect H.P. Berlage (1863-1934). Special attention is devoted to Art Nouveau round 1900 and the fully refurbished period rooms.
Lucent Danstheatre and Dr Anton Philipszaal offer a unique combination of a dance theatre and concert hall of international allure. The Lucent Danstheatre houses the Dutch famous dance group 'Nederlands Danstheater', whereas the Dr Anton Philipszaal is home for the famous 'Residentie Orkest'.

The Royal Painting Cabinet Mauritshuis
The Royal Painting Cabinet Mauritshuis is housed in one of Holland's most outstanding classicist buildings. Its intimate character and the exceptional quality of its collection (e.g. Vermeer, Rembrandt and Potter) make the Mauritshuis a favourite destination for its many visitors.

Museum Beelden aan Zee
Museum Beelden aan Zee is located near the beach and houses a permanent collection of sculptures with 'human beings' as most important theme. The museum has indoor and outdoor exhibitions, which change very often.

The 'Binnenhof'
The 'Binnenhof' (inner bailey of the castle) lies around the Hall of Knights. This square used to be surrounded by walls. Nowadays the Binnenhof is home to the Dutch Parliament.

Panorama Mesdag
A fascinating view of the old fishing village of Scheveningen in 1881. The showpiece at the Panorama Mesdag is an enormous cylinder shaped painting by H.W. Mesdag, his wife Sientje and the painters Blommers, Breitner and De Bock. Panorama Mesdag is one of the largest and most beautiful panoramas left in the world.

Tourist attractions in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a very compact country. You can drive from one side to the other within 3 hours. Outside the region of The Hague there are many special places, which can be easily visited, if so desired. You can find some of these tourist attractions below.

Delft is renowned all over the world as the city of Delft blue earthenware. Delft was one of the homeports of the Dutch East India Company. When the Delft potters became acquainted with the imported Chinese porcelain, they began manufacturing Delftware with designs based on these patterns, which is nowadays still made by hand. (app. 10 km from The Hague).

Rotterdam The city that is so unlike Holland's other cities. Located on the mighty Maas River. The world’s number 1 port. City with outstanding architecture and delightful culture. City with an abundance of attractions, festivals and museums. A swinging, young city culture and excellent shopping facilities, restaurants and cafes. Whatever your interests are, whatever you want to do, Rotterdam is sure to pleasantly surprise you! (app. 25 km from The Hague).

Amsterdam, capital of Holland. Probably know from the romantic canals, the 600.000 bikes, the exciting nightlife and flower market. However, Amsterdam offers more. It has a wide range of places of interest, historical monuments and more than 50 museums. Arts and antiques are for sale in quaint quarters, fashionable and upscale products in chic shopping streets. (app 55 km from The Hague).

Kinderdijk windmills: unique & iconic water management
A significant part of Holland is situated up to approximately 7 meters below sea level. The Dutch don’t notice any of this though, because an incredibly innovative and intricate system keeps the ever-rising seawater from flooding the land. Even during spring tide, the Dutch are safely guarded from being washed away.


The Delta Works
More than half of the Netherlands lies below sea level. The Delta Works were built to keep everyone safe and to prevent a recurrence of the 1953 flood disaster. You can relive history at Deltapark Neeltje Jans: from the flood disaster to the construction of the Delta Works. Exhibitions, films and a visit to the storm surge barrier itself will give you an impression of the stupendous power of water.

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