Speech by Director-General of Curative Care Van Den Dungen

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today you were expecting minister Schippers. Unfortunately, there is no job as uncertain as that of minister. You intend to attend a congress – and then, all of a sudden something very important intervenes. That is what happened this time as well. The minister was looking forward to presenting this speech to you, however one week ago it proved impossible for her to do so today. That is why I am here now. My name is Bas van den Dungen and I am the Director-General of Curative Care – Minister Schippers’ right hand when it comes to hospital care.

A healthcare institution nowadays is very similar to a high tech industrial complex. Upon entering you are amazed by all the technical gadgets there: Hospital beds that send a signal when there’s a chance that the patient might fall out of bed, transmitters that track dementing elderly people when they tend to wander off, I could talk for hours regarding these kinds of innovations. Read more..