Cultural visits

Cultural Visit

Thursday April 21st was the very last day of the congress.
After days of lectures, engineering and visiting different locations, this day was all about relaxation.
On this day, we wanted to show our international guests a bit more of The Netherlands.

With the sun shining high, it proved to be a great day to give our guests a good impression of the all the beautiful things The Netherlands has to offer. The bus once again departed at 8.30 in the morning from the World Forum in The Hague with a total of 40 participants. The journey went through Wassenaar and Noordwijkerhout, thus providing the participants with a good impression of the Dutch way of life.

After a short trip, the participants arrived in the Keukenhof, and they could not have picked a better day. As described earlier, the sun was shining brightly and all the flowers were in full bloom.
This of course was much to the joy of the congress commission, as no one (not even the congress commission) can influence the weather and the blooming of flowers.

However, the Dutch often forget that people who do not live in The Netherlands often think in different dimensions. Non-Dutch people tend to be used to big and empty surfaces, unlike the crowded small country that is The Netherlands. As one of the South African participants rightly noted, although the Keukenhof was really nice and beautiful, his backyard was at least twice as large and had a lot fewer people in it.

After walking around the Keukenhof for two hours, the bus once again departed. This time to the Zaanse Schans.

After lunch, the participants were treated to a visit to a working (paint) mill. An example of old engineering that still functions and is understood without explanation. The participants are in awe and continue their tour through the Zaanse Schans while greatly enjoying the Spring sun. In the meantime many visitors take the chance to buy souvenirs, especially the tulips and stroopwafels sell well.

At 4 pm the bus departed for the final part of the tour: Dutch traffic jams. The very slowly driving bus gave the participants the chance to take many a picture of the Dutch country side, but a lot of time is also spent on evaluating the congress. We can happily conclude that everyone agreed: This was a great congress.

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