Congress location: World Forum

world forum

The World Forum is based in The Hague World Forum: the city’s international zone. Working together with the city council, the World Forum lends its support to meetings concerned with peace and justice.

The decisions that are taken at The World Forum have a bearing on the entire world, such as conferences of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN). We believe each one-on-one encounter in our natural networking environment is an event in its own right , just on a smaller scale. “Events that shape the World”, our pay-off, simply confirms the type of events we host and the way we practice our Corporate Social Responsibility.

The combination of a multifunctional auditorium/theatre and various break-out areas makes the World Forum the perfect venue for every type of event. There is enough room to welcome over 5000 visitors at a time, but also sufficient intimacy to give your event a personal touch. It is even possible to transform the entire building to suit your personal wishes and project your desired image – the final step from good to great!

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The World Forum understands that every client has his own needs and requirements. Therefore, our team, which has all the skills and knowledge to assist you, would be more than pleased to work together with you and your production team to make every event a great success.

The World Forum is a full service location. Together with selected international and reliable partners we offer you the best services on all fronts. As a result, we guarantee constant high quality throughout your conference. Our partners are restricted suppliers while using our facilities. Their offices are located in the World Forum building, which enables them to provide a fast and flexible service.

Some of the international conferences held in the World Forum:

  • 29th European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases Conference, 2011 – 2800 pax.
  • 14th European Burns Association Congress, 2011 – 800 pax.
  • 15th International Psychogeriatric Association Congress, 2011 – 1500 pax.
  • The Hague Global Child Labour conference, ‘Towards a World without Child Labour, Mapping the Road to 2016’, 2010 – 430 pax.
  • International Conference on Afghanistan 2009 – 1000 pax.
  • 14th European Society of Surgical Oncology Conference, 2008 – 700 pax.
  • COP14, Cites 2007 – 2000 pax.