Winners of the Building Award

On this page you can find descriptions of the winners of the first international NVTG IFHE Building Award. For an elaborate description of all finalists and their submissions please contact us via

Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital, Tokyo, Japan


The international jury awarded first prize to the Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital. This Japanese hospital, according to the jury, deserves special praise due to the way its philosophy of “good treatment, pleasant care and joy in working” has been realized in the accommodation. This can among other places be seen in the nursing wards. Contrary to what is common in Japan, all patients have private rooms in which a lot of attention is given to patient experience and comfort. A number of rooms, including rooms meant for palliative care, feature a sofa bed, kitchen and bathroom for the family of the patient.

The social aspects of a healing environment are excellently integrated in the hospital design. One example of this is the light and open restaurant that is often used for group meetings and conferences. Another example can be found in the project team that focused specifically on improving the working environment for female doctors. A direct result of this project team was the realization of a daycare facility in the hospital. Other examples include the windows in the operating rooms. These decrease the levels of stress (caused by lengthy operations) among the medical staff.

The hospital design provides the employees with an inspiring environment that contributes to a positive work ethic.

Meander medical center, Amersfoort, The Netherlands


The Meander Medical Center was awarded twice this year. The hospital located in Amersfoort was awarded second place for the international NVTG IFHE Building Award and also finished first place in the Dutch NVTG Building Award in the cure sector.

The jury praises the Meander Medical Center for the special attention that its design pays to the needs of patients, such as the quality of the indoor climate and the possibilities regarding the regulation of the temperature and comfort in the patient rooms. By using an excellent logistical concept the hospital offers patients, visitors and employees a calm environment. Special staff rooms have been created to reduce stress and unrest and thus decrease the possibility of medical errors.

A lot of attention has been paid to the privacy of the patients. Patient rooms are equipped with sliding doors to enable the patients to choose either to interact with others, or be by themselves. Furthermore a number of atmospheric meeting rooms are located throughout the hospital. Finally, daylight is an important feature of the hospital design.

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Alder hey

The third prize of the international NVTG IFHE Building Award went to Alder Hey’s Children Hospital in the United Kingdom. The jury especially appreciates the way the building and its integration in the surroundings fit the hospital’s target group. Both the interior and the (hilly) exterior connect excellently with the experiences of children. Admirable is the way the building design realizes a view outside from nearly all different sides of the building. The design encourages children to use the so-called external play decks that are accessible from every room. Furthermore special attention has been given to the signage in the hospital. Finally, in the design the needs of children that participated in the design process were also incorporated.

Residential Care Facility The Koekoek, Veenendaal, The Netherlands


The Dutch NVTG Building Award in the sector care was won by the small scale housing project for people with dementia De Koekoek in Veenendaal. The Koekoek offers housing to 39 residents in six residences. The building not only takes the mental challenges of the dementing people into account, but also provides solutions for possible mobility, hearing and visual challenges. The way in which, for example, the furniture is placed offers residents the opportunity to take hold of something for support at all times. The open kitchen involves the residents in cooking through smell and sound and invites them, when possible, to help. The use of color schemes helps the residents in their orientation around the residence. The homely atmosphere contributes to the feeling of recognition and feeling at home in De Koekoek.

Revalidation hotel Laurens Intermezzo Zuid, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Intermezzo zuid

The Dutch NVTG Building Award for cure/care projects has been awarded to the Laurens Intermezzo Zuid in Rotterdam. The structure of this project symbolizes the progress of a successful revalidation process. A process that goes from passive to active, from calm and quiet spaces to spaces where there is a lot of activity. The idea behind this design is that throughout the entire building, all the way down to room level, people are invited to move. The spacious rooms with French balconies provide a nice view on the surroundings and all connect to the atrium; the heart of the building. It’s an environment where one feels welcome, an environment that forms the basis for a healing environment.

Honorable mentions

During the award ceremony there were also honorable mentions for the Centre Hospitalier Alpes Lémans in France, revalidation hotel De Drie Eiken in Belgium and the Americas Medical City in Brazil.
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Furthermore a video on the first international NVTG IFHE Building Award and the award ceremony can be found here.

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