The Hague offers 5.418 hotel rooms with a total number of 13.413 beds in all hotel classifications. The Hague offers 5* hotel accommodation as well as budget class accommodation and all classifications in between. Most hotels offer some rooms also suitable for the disabled at no extra costs.

The accommodation can be chosen between three different areas:

Convenience / World Forum area
On top of the convention centre World Forum is the 4-star Novotel The Hague World Forum Hotel with 216 bedrooms. Adjacent you will find the 4-star Bel Air Hotel with 300 guest rooms, 20 Executive Suites and 7 Ambassador Suites on one side and the 4-star Crowne Plaza Promenade Hotel with 90 guest rooms and 4 suites on the other side. The immediate neighbourhood of the convention centre World Forum thus offers over 625 hotel rooms. 

On a mere 5-10 minutes by public transport, there is a large cluster of hotels in all categories in the seaside resort Scheveningen, or somewhat further along the coast; the smaller resort Kijkduin (10 minutes by public transport).

Historic City Centre
Again on only a few stops away by public transport (5-10 minutes) a concentration of large variety of hotels can be found. In the opposite direction from the resort Scheveningen lies the charming historic city centre of the Royal City of The Hague. Amidst beautiful monuments, lively squares and inviting shopping-areas, hotel rooms in all categories can be found.